King’s day at home!

Many ‘special’ days will be different this year, just like King’s day next week Monday the 27th of April 2020. We will not be able to celebrate this day all together but this doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate it at home. Below three typical ‘Old Dutch’ games to play at home.  

Koekhappen – Cookie bite

Cut slices of gingerbread and thread them on a rope. Hang up the rope and have everyone blindfolded ready under the rope with their hands on their backs. Three, two, one, and just bite. If you finish the gingerbread first, you win.

Blikgooien – Can throw

Everyone who stocked-up on canned food lately will be able to play this game. Build a pyramid with six or more cans. Every person will try to knock down the pyramid with a soft ball. The one who knocked down the pyramid with the fewest balls wins.

Spijkerpoepen – Nail shi*t

Tie a rope with a nail attached to each persons waist. Have everyone lined up in a row, each above an empty bottle. After the countdown, everyone should lower the nail into the bottle as fast as possible. The one who manages to have his nail first into the bottle wins. 

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