Dutch Winter (& lockdown) Tips – TV shows Part 2

Once again it’s winter in Sydney, and unfortunately we are coping with a lockdown as well. We thought it’s a good time to provide you with some Dutch Winter & Lockdown Tip’s – TV show’s part 2. The below 3 Dutch TV shows (or movie) are available on Netflix Australia including English subtitles. If you missed part 1, click here to find out which 3 we recommended last year.

Just Say Yes (2021)
In Just Say Yes Yolanthe Cabau plays the role of Lotte. Lotte has been planning her perfect wedding for years but sees her dream shatter in one million little pieces when the groom decides to cancel last minute. The film stars Jim Bakkum, Noortje Herlaar, Nienke Plas, Tino Martin, Kim-Lian van der Meij, Josylvio, Pip Pellens and many more. A real Dutch Romantic Comedy to watch with the whole family.

Undercover Season 2 (2020)
Less than a year after the events of season one, Kim (Anna Drijver) works at Human Rights. With the help from her ex-colleague Bob (Tom Waes), her research into an illegal arms trade in Syria leads her to El Dorado Ranch, a country and western ranch in the Belgium flatlands. Bob goes undercover and tries to get in the good graces of the arms-dealing Berger brothers. From behind bars, Ferry (Frank Lammers) continues his search for the true identity of the undercover agents that arrested him. Polly is trying to figure out who her father really is.

Women of the Night (2021)
Haunted by a shadowy past, the wife of a rising star in Amsterdam’s mayoral office finds herself draw into the city’s underworld of sex and drugs. Women of the Night(Keizersvrouwen) is a 10-part Dutch Crime & Drama TV show which stars Karina Smulders, Susan Radder, Matteo van der Grijn, Thijs Römer, Hilde Van Mieghem and many more.

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