Dutchlink Goes Online

The Dutchlink board is prepping their interview skills because in the upcoming weeks they will interview a couple of interesting Dutch people. All the interviews will be on different topics and we would love to get you involved. Don’t forget to follow us on YouTube!

Edition 1: Consul-General Frank van Beuningen
Dutchlink Chairman Bert Bardoel interviews Consul-General of the Netherlands Frank van Beuningen. They talk about COVID-19, on trade relations and Australian culture and nature.

Edition 2: Ronald van Weezel, General Manager of Hilton Sydney
Dutchlink Board Director Annerie van Maarschalkerweerd interviews Ronald van Weezel,  the General Manager of Hilton Sydney. They talk about COVID-19, the forced-quarantined guests at Hilton Sydney and Ronald’s personal experiences at the Hilton and in Australia. 

Edition 3: Tjarko Edzes, Director Asian-Pacific at Bouwinvest Real Estate
Dutchlink Board Director Dorus van den Biezenbos interviews Tjarko Edzes, Director Asia-Pacific at Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors. They talk about the difference between Australian and Dutch (work) culture, the impact of COVID-19 on the real estate industry, affordable housing, Hollandse Nieuwe the new Dutch band in Sydney and more! 

Edition 4: Musician Grace Kim
Dutchlink Goes Online Edition 4: Dutchlink Board Director Akky van Ogtrop interviews Musician Grace Kim. They talk about how the music and art industry has been impacted by COVID-19. Stay tuned till the end for a little musical surprise! 

Edition 5: Ron de Haan, Director Student Accommodation at University of New South Wales
Dutchlink Board Director Lieke Scherbeijn interviews Ron de Haan, Director Student Accommodation at University of New South Wales. They talk about health, safety, discipline and trust of students at the accommodation of UNSW. Watch below video and find out more about the “new normal”.

Edition 6: Qantas Airways 
Dutchlink Board Director Jaap Sonnemans interviews 3 employees of Qantas Airways: Elmer Mesman (Commercial Manager Benelux), Mark Penklis (Captain A380) & Annerie van Maarschalkerweerd (BFA Flight Attendant). They talk about how COVID-19 impacted their working and personal life, the differences in flying over the years, interesting people they met on board and their favourite destinations and planes.

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