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RoboCup 2019 - meet the Dutch defending World Champion in robot soccer

8th Jul
6:30pm to 9:00pm
Deloitte Australia, Level 9, 225 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Playing soccer with robots is a huge challenge on the field of software and mechatronics. Moreover, the element of competition makes that the entire team is highly motivated so they will spend a large part of their spare time on improving the robots. Everyone dreams of being the world champion some day!

The coming days thousands of researchers and robots from all over the world will gather here in Sydney on their quest to become worldchampion. The soccer robots of Tech United participate in the Middle Size League where two teams of five completely autonomous robots play soccer match against each other. This is a competition of robots with a maximum size of 52x52x80 cm. The only interaction with humans is with the referee, who can start or stop them playing when necessary.  The final match in the Middle Size League will determine whether Tech United Eindhoven and with them: The Netherlands, will prolong the title of worldchampion. 

Do you want to be among the first people to hear what happend from the team itself? Then attend our event on Monday the 8th of July. In a presentation by the soccer robots' coach you will get to hear about last year's developments and how these performed in the tournament. Moreover, afterwards, in the Q&A you will have the chance to ask all the questions the media didn't ask!

You cannot wait until 8th of July? Watch the qualification video and follow Tech United Eindhoven at and experience the final match live or visit the ICC Sydney.

Monday 8 July 2019
Walk in from 6:30pm
7:00 - 8:00pm

Members: free
Non-members: $10 cash upon arrival

Please note that registering by e-mail only is necessary for this event.