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Guilty or not guilty? How to get justice in cases of possible wrongful convictions

25th Oct
6:30pm to 8:30pm
Level 1, room 1.11 // Karstens, 111 Harrington Street, The Rocks/Sydney NSW 2000

Wrongful convictions can and do happen – it's the unfortunate truth of the legal system. However, this problem is not purely a legal matter. This event's presentation will focus on how evidence in legal proceedings can inadvertently support false conclusions. Presenters are Associate Lecturer in Psychology Celine van Golde and Dutch Lawyer Lisanne Adam, both of the ‘Not Guilty’ project at the University of Sydney.

About the Not Guilty project
Not Guilty: The Sydney Exoneration Project is a psychology and law research program at the University of Sydney that reviews cases of possible wrongful convictions. Celine and Lisanne will present real-life cases (American, Australian and Dutch) in which errors, by eyewitnesses, police, prosecutors, and other experts led to people spent years in jail for crimes they did not commit. They will discuss research that focuses on the reliability of witness and victim memory, specifically, how memory accuracy can be affected by those in forensic settings, such as police, lawyers and judges.

Walk in from 6:30pm, start of the presentation is at 7pm. To register, please send an e-mail to 

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To register, please send an e-mail to