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Have you ever tried Kangaroo on the BBQ? That is the Aussie way!

The Australians love to cook on the BBQ. In many parks there are BBQ scattered around for anyone to use. On a beautiful day you often see groups of people coming to the park to hang out and eat together they cook on the public BBQ's. Everyone brings a little something and the whole thing is very easy and relaxed. You will rarely be invited to eat a someone's home. You probably will meet at a cafe, a bar, a restaurant or a park.

Because there are so many nationalities united in one country, the available food is very diverse ranging from authentic Asian to Greek to Lebanese. In supermarkets such as Coles (like Hoogvliet/C1000) and Woolworths (like AH) you will find most products that you are used to finding in Western countries. The only thing missing is good bread and cheese.

If you really want some Dutch food or items, you can get them at the Dutch shops of which there are several around the country or online: and

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